Cyclist.ie Council Meeting

Dublin Cycling Campaign is one of many cycle advocacy groups making up the Irish Cycling Advocacy Network, Cyclist.ie. This Saturday 12th March these groups are coming together for the first all island meeting of 2016. There will be representatives from all 4 corners of our island. For cycling advocates there are many interesting topics on the table, including:

Key issues of concern to cyclists in Irish road traffic law (RTL)

There are a number of legal provisions directly affecting cyclists in Irish road traffic law so what follows is an attempt to describe them and make them more easily understood. References to an Act or SI are provided. Please note we are not legal experts and any comments or advice is given in good faith and not intended as a formal legal interpretation.

Get Writing! - Get Active!

Dublin City Council have posted a very important consultation opportunity on the proposed closure of a section of Eden Quay to all private motorised traffic. It is proposed to limit access to public transport (PT), bikes, and taxis. There are other ancilliary moves to improve PT and cycling as well within the city centre and, in particular, on the north and south quays.

Annual Cycling Lectures - The Full List

Dublin Cycling Campaign has been the proud organiser of the Annual Cycling Lecture series since its inception in 2004. We have led the way in inviting in cycling experts from abroad with the aim of raising the level of understanding of how we can regenerate a strong cycling culture in Ireland. Below is a full list of annual lectures including additional ‘one-off’ lectures by experts in their fields and single/multi-day cycling conferences.


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